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NFL week 11 Top 3 Picks by Gameday ai

NFL week 11 Top 3 Picks by Gameday ai

November 17, 2023

Welcome to Gameday AI, the future of NFL betting. By combining PFF’s player grades with the Gameday AI system, we have formulated a winning strategy with a 65%+ winrate. Below are Gameday AI’s Top 3 bets for week 12, excluding any Prime Time games. Follow us on instagram for our Prime Time picks later this week.

Cowboys -10, AI-Powered rating: A. Al’s favorite match of week 11, the Cowboys are heavily favored to walk away with a W against the 1–8 Panthers. Between the rising tensions of the coaching staff, no one who can call plays, and being ranked 30th in total offense, it’s hard to believe the Panthers will find success against the Cowboys defense.

Texans -6, AI-Powered rating: A. With CJ Stroud in the running for offensive rookie of the year and being second in the league in passing yards so far this season, the outlook for the Texans is favorable against the 2–8 Cardinals. Despite a healthy Kyle Murray, the Texan defense should be able to lock down the Cardinal receivers.

Lions -7, AI-Powered rating: B. The first place Detroit Lions take on the last place Chicago Bears in this week 11 NFC matchup. The Lions are currently ranked second in offensive yards per game, which will be a tough battle for the 27th ranked Bears in points allowed per game.

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NFL week 11 Top 3 Picks by Gameday aiNFL week 11 Top 3 Picks by Gameday aiNFL week 11 Top 3 Picks by Gameday ai