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NFL week 6 Top 3 Picks by Gameday ai

NFL week 6 Top 3 Picks by Gameday ai

October 15, 2023

Welcome to Gameday AI, the future of NFL betting. By combining PFF’s player grades with the Gameday AI system, we have formulated a winning strategy with a 65%+ winrate. Below are Gameday AI’s Top 3 bets for week 12, excluding any Prime Time games. Follow us on instagram for our Prime Time picks later this week.

1. Rams -7

2. Ravens -4

3. Saints -1

To all our NFL enthusiasts and betting maestros, thank you for trusting Gameday AI to elevate your betting journey. And guess what? We've got even more in store for you! Stay tuned for our upcoming leaderboard feature – a space where you can track your betting prowess, benchmark against the Gameday AI community, and extract insights from the top performers. Remember, at Gameday AI, it's not just about betting; it's about refining your strategy, testing your football knowledge, and truly embracing the NFL betting experience, risk-free. Join us in redefining the game!

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