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NFL week 7 Top 3 Picks by Gameday ai

NFL week 7 Top 3 Picks by Gameday ai

October 22, 2023

Welcome to Gameday AI, the future of NFL betting. By combining PFF’s player grades with the Gameday AI system, we have formulated a winning strategy with a 65%+ winrate. Below are Gameday AI’s Top 3 bets for week 12, excluding any Prime Time games. Follow us on instagram for our Prime Time picks later this week.

Raiders -2: The Raiders might have had a quieter offensive streak, but their defense is making noise. With both primary QBs benched, we’re betting on Hoyer to shine.

Bills -7: Josh Allen has been a consistent thorn for the Patriots since 2020. This trend looks set to continue.

Seahawks -8: Our data points to the Seahawks as a strong pick this week.

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